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New Students


The goal in the admission process is to work closely with you to help determine whether our program and philosophy is a good fit with your goals and family values. Montessori education is concerned with the development of the whole child and our methods are most successful when there is a high degree of congruence between home and school expectations.


At Sagebrush Montessori children typically begin school around the age of 3. The admissions process begins the fall before the year your child will start. Interested families are asked to fill out a Parent Interest Form, attend a Parent Information Session, and observe in our classrooms before submitting an application for the wait pool. Submitting an application does not guarantee admission into our program. Confirmations will begin in February and continue through the spring as availability permits.

Applications, Acceptance and Placement

After attending a a Parent Information Session and classroom observation, you will be offered a wait pool application. When you have gathered enough information to make an informed decision, you may submit the wait pool application and the application fee. The $30 application fee is non-refundable. You will be placed in the wait pool and notified of placement or waitlist status starting in February. Enrollment will continue through the spring until all available openings have been filled. 

Throughout the enrollment process we take a variety of details into account: 

  • Siblings of children already enrolled in the program

  • Balancing classrooms by age and gender

  • Previous Montessori experience (if 4 or older)

  • Attendance at one of our Parent Information Sessions

  • Participating in a classroom observation


Once your child has been offered placement, you will have two weeks to fill out registration documents and pay school fees. Information about school fees can be found under the Admissions --> Tuition and Fees tab. ​​

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