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Current Students

Our goal is to help all children meet their developmental potential. Our staff and environments accommodate and support a wide range of personalities and learning styles. We are committed to providing a high-quality Montessori education to as many unique families as possible.

Continued Enrollment Forms

Families continuing on to the next year within a three-year cycle (3-6, 6-9, or 9-12) will be given re-enrollment paperwork in February. All paper work must be returned by the date listed on the paperwork (usually the mid-February). Spots cannot be guaranteed for those who do not submit re-enrollment forms in a timely manner.


Each August, you will be mailed registration paperwork (questionnaire, emergency information, authorizations, record of immunization, etc.) which must be returned to the office before your child begins school. Washington childcare laws require that emergency information and immunizations certificates be kept current.

Sibling Enrollment Policy

Enrollment priority is given to siblings so that the families may be in one school community. However, Sagebrush Montessori will not honor the sibling priority policy if/when a family removes an older child prior to the completion of a three-year cycle of a given age group. At each level, our classrooms are at their best when there is a balanced mixed age group. Early withdrawal disrupts the child’s opportunity to complete a three-year cycle and the classroom’s need for the leadership of the oldest children.


Additionally, we require siblings, like other new children, to accept a space no more than two weeks after the available space is offered.

Enrollment in the Elementary Program

Priority in our elementary (EL) program is given for graduating CH families. Due to the limited number of spaces available each year, kindergarten families will be asked to submit a form of interest in attending the elementary program no later than fall conferences. Parents will be asked to tour and observe at the elementary campus and submit waitlist paperwork by mid-February. Please note that enrollment at the primary level does not automatically guarantee a place in the elementary program.


Notification of Admission Status

You will be notified by mail of your child’s admissions status by the end of February.


Registration: If admitted, you will be sent a registration contract.  Contracts must be submitted within two weeks of accepting placement along with the registration fee ($200) to reserve your child’s space.  Registered students will have a visit to the classroom before school starts help them become familiar and comfortable with the school.  The Lead Guide will contact families directly to schedule the visitation.  An open house and information evening will be held for incoming families.


Wait List Option: If we are unable to offer an admissions slot at this time, you may choose to remain on the wait list in case of future openings.  It is usually the case that there will be some turn over between Spring and the beginning of school in September.  If you remain on the wait list, you will be contacted as soon as such an opening occurs. 

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