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Giving to Sagebrush

Sagebrush Montessori provides children with the best Montessori education possible, in an environment that celebrates them as individuals and nurtures their development into prepared adults.  As we celebrate our 25th year in the community, demand for our programs continues to grow.   

Generosity is one of our ideals.  Making a charitable gift to Sagebrush contributes to the success of generations of students to come.  Sagebrush Montessori is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and contributions are tax deductible.  

Make a gift via credit card or ACH:

Over the next five years, Sagebrush Montessori is committed to expanding our programs to keep pace with growing demand, offering an unmatched Montessori education to even more children in our community and reinforcing our long-term stability as a prominent educational pillar in the region.  There is broad evidence that a traditional Montessori education produces notable, long-term cognitive and social benefits.  A community that invests in Montessori education for its children is one that is working toward a more just, harmonious, and productive future.   

Sagebrush Montessori has always worked to maintain tuition affordability while upholding exceptionally high standards of program quality.  As a result, our tuition levels are designed to support our operating costs, but philanthropic support is critical to the expand the school's programs, cement our critical role in the community, and establish a promising future for students to come.  Charitable contributions power continuous improvements to our campuses, development for our staff, and classroom materials for students. We are proud to offer tuition that is comparable or lower than tuitions at other independent schools.

The Sagebrush Montessori Jubilee Fund celebrates our first 28 years and sets the foundation for the next 28.  The Fund supports the School's goals to:  

  • Expand our facilities to create a permanent, integrated campus that brings students at all levels together into a single, modern, and inspiring school building.     

  • Establish the regional partnerships necessary to ensure a reliable pipeline of high-quality Montessori guides in the Tri-Cities community.   

  • Create the foundation for an adolescent Montessori program to address demand for Montessori education beyond sixth grade, taking the next step toward a fully mature program offering.  


Your support will sustain excellence in Montessori education, preserve our historic strengths from our first 25 years, and expand Sagebrush Montessori’s impact as a prized creator of curious, independent, and empowered members of our community and the world beyond.  

To discuss other giving arrangements (mail, phone, wire, stock) please contact us at

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