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Child development research shows that when parents are actively involved in their child’s education, participating in the learning opportunities at school and maintaining an active role in the learning environment, children consistently achieve higher levels of academic performance. Studies show that this outcome is consistent across demographics and other background characteristics.


As part of each child’s enrollment at Sagebrush Montessori, parents commit to 10 hours of service per child per academic year. Additional hours are always beneficial to your child and are greatly appreciated by the Sagebrush staff. Families who do not wish to give service hours agree to pay $15/hour for up to 10 hours of service. We will discuss methods for tracking volunteer hours at Back to School night in September. 


Our parents are a valuable resource and we would like for you to share your talents with us.  If you have a special skill, a special knowledge about a particular subject, have visited a foreign country, have a unique collection, or just want to help out in the classroom, please let us know. We appreciate any additional time you can spare for volunteering, helping with laundry, driving on field trips, or assisting in various classroom activities.  


To ensure the safety of our students and staff, all volunteers must submit a background check through Washington State Patrol and be approved before volunteering during operating hours.



At the start of the school year, each family will receive a volunteer handbook and application at back to school night.


Read the Volunteer Handbook Thoroughly.When you sign the Volunteer Application Form, you are agreeing to the policies and procedures outlined in the Volunteer Handbook. Complete the Volunteer Application Form (please remember to attach a copy of your driver’s license or another legal photo ID.) 


Submit your application

Approval process
Sagebrush Montessori is required by law to perform background checks on all volunteer applicants through Washington State Patrol. The approval process can take up to two weeks from the time you submitted your application.  Once you are approved, your name is added to the approved volunteers list.


When to reapply
Volunteer approval is valid for two years. After two years, you must reapply. You will receive notification that it’s time to reapply when you are approaching your volunteer approval expiration.

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