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Sagebrush Sound Off

May 2019

Garland’s Gymnastics

                Tumbling, gymnastics, ninja warrior, and super hero camps!


Mid Columbia Gymnastics

                Gymnastics, back hand spring clinics, tumbling and more!

All American Gymnastics

                Cheer, ninja and gymnastics

Little Geniuss Half Day Summer STEM programs contact (for children ages 3 – 6)

A full summer of activities from June 17 – August 16. Activities range from Physics, Weather, Plants and Animals, Light, Sound, the Human Body and more. For more details contact Samantha for a full flier.

Tri-City Musikgarten

                Music for babies, and toddlers, singing and listening, and keyboarding

YMCA Summer Camps

                Crafts, games and fun in the sun

Karate Camp

                Games, crafts, and of course, karate


                Arts & crafts, rockwall climbing, racquetball, gym games, swimming and more!


This is just a start – email me if you know of any great camps and I’ll add them to the list!

Summer camp
April 2019


Our annual Bike Day will be next Friday, April 19th from 9:00AM – 11:00AM!! Bike day is a day each year when children bring their bikes to school and we transform the parking lot into an obstacle course. With the help of parent volunteers, children will get a chance to practice their riding skills and traffic safety.

All children should bring their bike, scooter or trike. If you do not have one, send us an email and we’ll help you find one to borrow. Please help prepare for Bike Day at home with your child by doing the following:

· Check the tire pressure and brakes

· Adjust their helmet straps (helmets should fit so there is a two-finger space above the eyebrow)

· Review traffic safety

On the day of please be sure that your child brings a helmet and wears close toed shoes. You can bring your child’s bike at drop off, where there will be designated bike parking set aside for each class.

The parking lot will be blocked off at 8:30AM so we can prepare the obstacle course. Parent volunteers or late arrivals should use street parking.

It is bike day tradition to make a bike day t-shirt. All children should bring a solid colored, cotton t-shirt with no design to school by 4/17/19. Be sure to write your child’s name on the tag.

We will need some parent volunteers to make bike day a success. You can sign up at sign-up through Sign-Up Genius if you are available to help (see your email).

We look forward to this fun and exciting day! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.



Earlier this week, you received a camp packet and registration form in preparation for this year’s elementary camping trip to Camp Meriwether. Camp Meriwether is located in Cloverdale, Oregon along the northern Oregon coast – a perfect location for exploring coastal ecosystems! Below are important details regarding our 3 day/2-night outing. Please be sure to review this letter and the camp packet carefully so that we can answer any questions you may have well in advance of our trip.


Camp Dates, Departure, and Return

Our trip will be held May 20 – 22. OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, our camp organizers) requests that we arrive at camp by 12:00 on the 20th. That means we have a VERY early morning! Children will need to arrive at school at 5:45AM for a 6:00AM departure. Leaving by 6:00 allows time for bathroom breaks along the way. On the 22nd, we should return to school by about 6PM. We will email regular updates as we make our way back home.



We will be taking a charter bus through A&A Motorcoach. Our bus comes fully equipped with a bathroom for any urgent needs.


Medical Forms

Please return medical forms (these went home on 4/9/19) by Monday, April 22nd. Be sure to include dietary restrictions and allergies.

Lost your medical form? Here is a digital copy you can print out: 


Gear Check

As you may remember from previous years, we have a strict packing list to ensure everyone stays comfortable at camp. As we get closer to the date of our trip, we will email about current weather and mosquito conditions at the coast. Despite the late May timing of the trip, it is important to remember that OMSI does not allow students to wear shorts while at camp.


While hiking shoes are not mandatory, good sturdy tennis shoes are. Children will need two pairs of good walking/hiking shoes just in case one pair gets wet. Children should learn how to lace and tie their own shoes. New shoes should be broken in well in advance to prevent blisters. Do not send sandals or shoes with openings along the sides. Rocks, sticks and sand create all sorts of discomforts while on the trails.


As you help your child prepare, remember to involve them in the packing process. Practice making sure they can carry all of their bags - a bag that can fit a daypack, overnight bag, a sleeping bag and pillow in it is too big for a child to carry! Think about ease of packing – will your child be able to repack the bag independently at the end of our trip? Also make sure that your child’s daypack is a comfortable, child-sized backpack – they will be wearing it nearly all day during our field studies and hikes.


Did your child outgrow last year’s camp clothes? Watch your email for a “gear swap” day at the start of May.

Please remember that every item your child brings to camp should be labeled with their name.

Please do not send any electronics to camp. Children are welcome to bring a book or two to read during car rides and cabin rest time.


Gear check days will be May 16th and 17. Please send in your child’s camping gear on that day all ready to go (remember to label everything!)! That will allow time to make any changes necessary before our Monday departure.


Chaperones and Cabin Groups

We have some great chaperones lined up for this year’s trip! We will be putting together cabin groups toward the start of May and your child’s chaperone will call you to check in and see if you have any concerns, questions, or medications that need to be administered. 


Getting Ready

Lead guides will host some Saturday hikes at Badger and Candy Mountain in preparation for the long hikes that will be enjoyed at camp. Watch class news letters for more details.


If your child has not had any sleepovers yet, please start practicing soon.


This is a good time to start working on independence at home if you haven’t already done so. Please be sure children can pack a simple lunch, dress themselves including putting on shoes, brush their teeth and comb their hair, fill a water bottle and secure a lid, pack a daypack, and make good judgments about what kind of clothes they need depending on the weather outside.


We are really looking forward to our trip this year and I know your children are getting excited, too!  Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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